Additional back-ends

CATMAID’s front-end can retrieve project and stack information from other services. To do this, the back-end has to be configured slightly differently to re-route API endpoints related to information retrieval for both projects and stacks. In this mode, CATMAID is only useful for image viewing at the moment. There are currently two web services supported, the Janelia Render Service and DVID. Only one of these options can be used at a time.

Janelia Render Service

Add the following to CATMAID’s file and adjust URL, default resolution as well as tile dimension to your setup:

# Janelia rendering service
MIDDLEWARE += ('catmaid.middleware.JaneliaRenderMiddleware',)

To also see all projects on the front-end (rather than only in the menus), the simple project list view has to be be used as a data view. This can be done by either adding it to the list of data views or removing all existing data views, because it is the default fallback. Both is possible from CATMAID’s admin view. Projects will be organized by owners.


A setup similar to the Janelia Render Serivce can be used with DVID. To do so add the following to your file and adjust to your setup:

MIDDLEWARE += ('catmaid.middleware.DVIDMiddleware',)
DVID_FORMAT = 'jpg:80'