Screenshots and videos

Tom Kazimiers with an introduction to CATMAID at NEUBIAS Academy 2021

Stephan Saalfeld talking about CATMAID, TrakEM2 and ImgLib2

Demonstration of some of the neuron shading options in CATMAID's 3D viewer (v2015.12.12)

This is the central settings widget of CATMAID (v2015.12.12).

Clustering widget for ontology based classification graphs (v2015.12.12)

3D view of the 72 hpf HT9-4 larva showing fully-traced peptidergic neurons identified by siGOLD. This movie was published under a CC-BY Licence and was created by Shaidi et. al. as part of the publication "A serial multiplex immunogold labeling method for identifying peptidergic neurons in connectomes", published 15 Dec 2015 in eLife.

Basic CATMAID user interface

The CATMAID User Interface with skeleton annotations and tags


CATMAID comes with a 3D viewer

A big part of Drosophila larval CNS reconstructed with CATMAID

3D View of Drosophila Larval CNS Tracing by Albert Cardona’s lab at HHMI Janelia Research Campus and collaborators.

CATMAID supports orthogonal stacks

Orthogonal views of the same image stack are supported by CATMAID

Skeleton node and connector table of CATMAID

CATMAID’s Skeleton Node and Connector Table

Selector tool with mirrored cursors in CATMAID

CATMAID’s Selector tool: Mirrored mouse cursor in all open stacks

Some tile sources in CATMAID support dynamic settings

Tile source settings for a dynamic tile server in CATMAID
Landmark transformations and NBLAST

Landmark based transformation of neurons on the right side of the Drosophila larva brain to its left side and NBLAST matching for identification.